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I wanted to create a simply way to link to the authors, pastors, theologians, philosophers, and other writers that I recommend. This list is in no way complete, nor ordered in any particular way. One of the aspects of education at Fuller Seminary that I learned was the need for dialogue partners, particularly those authors whose views challenge you to think about what you think. You may not agree completely with them, but they pose questions, structure arguments, and present information in a way that challenges you to formulate why you think the way you do on a topic. Sometimes it means you change your mind while other times it simply causes you to better understand why you believe something (and disagree completely with the author). I will try, on this list, to keep these book split into different categories as best I can. In particular, for non-fiction works, whether history, theology, or science I will try to group them as to their accessibility (I'll use the terms Accessible and Academic ). Sometimes an author will have a book on both lists. I'll keep a separate list for fiction writers. 

*This page is a work in progress, so for now I'm putting names down and will work on particular works by them later. This is by no means exhaustive!*

Barth, Karl
Barton, Ruth Haley
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
Boyd, Greg
Byas, Jared
Cho, Eugene
Dark, David
Kirk, Daniel
Enns, Peter
Erickson, Millard
Escobar, Kathy
Evans, Rachel Held
Foster, Richard
Gonzalez, Justo
Grenz, Stanley
Keller, Timothy
Kierkegaard, Soren
Ladd, George Eldon
Lewis, C.S.
McGrath, Alister
McKnight, Scot
McManus, Erwin
Miller, Donald
Moltmann, Jurgen
Mouw, Rich
Nee, Watchman
Nouwen, Henri
Olson, Roger
Pinnock, Clark
Rollins, Peter
Smith, Christian
Sweet, Leonard
Stott, John
Viola, Frank
Volf, Miroslav
Willard, Dallas
Wright, Christopher
Wright, N.T.
Zacharias, Ravi

Adams, Douglas
Best, James - Tempest at Dawn
Card, Orson Scott
Clancy, Tom
Cline, Ernest
Kroese, Robert
Lewis, C.S.
Tolkien, J.R.R.
Vonnegut, Kurt

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