So - is this worth it? I have attempted "contemplation" writing before, and journal fairly regularly. On other subjects, I have blogs, and connect with facebook and Twitter as well. But for some reason, with the way that life is these days with all the voices on tv, blogs, and elsewhere, why would I want to enter into this fray? I think the answer is simple - there is much worth saying and contemplating. I will hold to one thing with a lot of these contemplations, and that is it is a growth and learning process. While they may be beliefs or convictions, life is a journey, a process of learning, growing, and transformation. The bottom line, for me, is "seek first the Kingdom of God." That is what this is about - even when I enter into who knows what area of thought. I'm sure my wife Amanda will let me know when I'm writing craziness or ambiguous stuff. My hope is merely to be a voice of reason, of love, faithful to God, and presenting the hope of His grace. Questions are ok, even essential. After all, faith must be tested...otherwise is it really faith?

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