Weekend Wanderings 3.30.12

This week has proven to be a bit busy and draining at the office, so not as much time to let the mind flow and write posts. But the weekend is here!

Amanda has to work tonight and tomorrow, so I'm on my own for most of the weekend. The weather is amazing, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow to enjoy it!

I will be hiking the Hieroglyphics Trail in the Superstition mountains just East of Apache Junction with some great guys from church - Nick Charette, Steve Oldknow, Jeremiah Dao, and maybe a few more! I'll make sure to update the exact list of who comes. I find these trips to be really fun, both for the exercise, the beauty of nature, the weather, the conversations, and effect on one's being. It will be a nice morning hike to some rocks with several hundred year old petroglyphs. Its always amazing for me to see this rock artwork and it kind of puts the shortness of our lives in perspective when you think of how long ago people were in the exact same place.

After the hike, we'll probably grab something to eat and make a 1/2 day of the trip. Planning on being back by noon! The rest of Saturday will be spent relaxing around the house doing some housework and simply relaxing. Hopefully I feel like taking a good amount of time to read as well. Oh - I'm sure I'll probably try to watch the Final Four games.

Sunday is Palm Sunday, and Emmaus Road Church is putting on a special performance. I'm sure the music, sermon, and service will be awesome! Of no particular importance, I'll be making my acting debut as a non-speaking Roman Soldier who gets to kick and drag Jesus to the cross. If I had to list my gifts, this likely isn't one of them! But the others in the skit are amazing and gifted (Brandon and Wes)!

I love being a part of this community of real, genuine people who are simply loving God and each other on this journey called life. The people are truly living and trying to be people who reveal the Kingdom of God in real, practical, messy, genuine ways.

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