Weekend Wanderings

Friday posts are going to be a little bit unique compared with other posts. These entries will be reserved for a preview or information on the weekends activities!

Some weeks could be an outline of a hike that is planned, perhaps illuminating the hike itself, hiking tips,  or certain points of interest along the way.

Other weekends it may have to do with sporting events or other entertainment I might be looking forward to. I'm always looking forward to the NASCAR race, so this weekend that is at Auto Club Speedway out in California. Go Greg Biffle #16 and the rest of Roush Fenway Racing: Matt Kenseth #17 & Carl Edwards #99!

Still others will be travel related, entertainment, or home cleaning / upkeep related as well. If something is particularly exciting with Sunday church services may come as well (Easter is almost here!)

Each weekend is different, and so these posts may be wide-ranging.

For this weekend, its one Amanda and I get to spend together! We don't often go to the movies, but we are this weekend. We've both read and liked The Hunger Games books, and so you can count me among those who are looking forward to watching the film before too many others start to talk too much about it! I felt the book was a good story, and also one that brought many levels of issues in the narrative. The social justice aspects of the books, the disparity between the capital and the districts, and even what it is saying about violence are all important discussions. Of course there is the tension and personal drama at the center of the story as well, and it seems like the movies have really cast the characters well. So, we'll check that out at some point!

But the biggest thing we are doing tomorrow is heading North to enjoy the weather. Rather than hike, which we've done a few times already (and have one planned for the 30th with friends!), this particular time we are going to Out of Africa Wildlife Park between Camp Verde and Cottonwood, Arizona. I purchased tickets via Groupon a couple of months ago, and its perfect timing to go do this tomorrow. It is a bit different than a zoo, as you can actually watch the Predator Feed (Tigers & others!), experience an interactive giant Snake show, and tour the park like a safari. Many of the African animals they have include tigers, giraffes, hyenas, zebras, antelopes, and birds. They also have bears, javelinas, wolves, and other wild animals.

Since we both like photography as well, it should provide some good shots. Gloria, one of my co-workers, has said she remembers people getting "kissing giraffe" photos by holding carrots in their mouths. This sounds hilarious if you ask me! Not sure if its warm enough, but there is even a show called "Tiger Splash" that involves tigers and playing in water. Of course the other aspect of this park is that many of the animals are rescued from other locations. Such treatment of animals and conservation are definitely elements to value. I love nature, the scenery and wild animals.  As a result, I also want to ensure that generation upon generation are similarly able to enjoy nature. While seeing a bear or a tiger in the wild would be much more exhilarating than at this park, at least for those that have been brought into captivity there are places such as Out of Africa that provide them the space and ability to live out their lives in some semblance of natural normalcy.

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