Last Week's Links - 4.2.12

So last week I realized that I often would re-post or share specific blog and news articles individually through either Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or email. While I will still continue to do this, particularly on Twitter (@RobMcFarren), I wanted to limit these posts on my wall to keep Facebook and Google + a little more personal. The result is this post!

Last Week's Links will be a Monday post that includes a brief list of the major articles, videos, or blog posts that I feel are very informative on a wide-range of topics. There is no rhyme or reason to this list other than that they struck me as being very helpful reading! I will try to group them a bit by topic, and it will also include names both big and small!

So, Links for Last Week (4.2.12): Feel free to read them all

Theology and Spirituality:

Richard Rohr - a profound and simply reflection on Jesus' dying for our sins:

Andrew Kennedy - My friend Andrew's thoughts on becoming undone:

Don Miller - The importance of reading:

Frank Viola - Wise words on dry spells and feeling distant from God:

Ben Witherington III - 7 minute video on women in ministry Part 1 (Part 2 next week!):

Andrew Sullivan in Newsweek Magazine - Interesting cover story of last week's Newsweek. There is a lot that we can learn from this, but also much to challenge. (In other words, I think some of the analysis is good, and other analysis not quite right):

Wall Street Journal - Article on how the Pope addressed an issue of dissenters in the Catholic church during his homily on Maundy Thursday:

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