Last Weeks Links (4.23.12)

Not too many actually blogger links this week. A few that were interesting and spawned off of one another, so follow the link by Andrew Kennedy!

Theology & Science:

Andrew Kennedy - Evolution and Christianity:

What I really like about this post is that it is a civil discourse that happened about the topic on Facebook...and while there are definitely different views on the topic the participants were cordial and understanding for the most part. I also this post shows how there are different approached to the topic, and so the arguments can completely be on different matters which could lead to them talking past each other - which we often do see on this subject!

A spin off from this (and found in the comments on that post) was a book that Amanda & I decided to read together that so far is really interesting and a great introduction to the way we should approach Genesis. Its call Genesis for Normal Peopleby Jared Byas and Peter Enns,  and at this point (we're 1 chapter in) I definitely recommend it as a helpful way to go deeper into understanding Genesis without feeling like you are in a Theology class. If anyone wants to read it, I would be happy to be available to dialogue on this book, and its short and cheap!

Krish Kandiah - The Wright Stuff (A look at how many Christian leaders/scholars end up being polarizing personalities particularly in engaging with others that have different views) (This article was found via Scot McKnights' blog Jesus Creed):

I particularly like the reference to how none of us, on either side of an issue, are "infallible" that are writing their thoughts and views on the particular matters. We all do have some things we are wrong about, while at the same time have had truth revealed to us on other matters.


Frank Jacobs (New York Times): 1 Island, 2 Countries:

I found this article fun and fascinating! Craziness on how we humans create borders, particularly on some of these small islands between nations!


I actually won't post any links here, but lets just say I was captivated and read a lot on the many facets of the NFL draft that happened Thursday to Saturday. I guess I really am a football junkie, and nothing changes the hopes of a team quite like April's draft. It is almost as interesting and an actual game weekend - almost.

Let's go Colts!

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