Last Week's Links - 4.9.12

A bit more from the papers caught my attention this past week (4.9.12).

Some good thoughts in here. I particularly recommend the link on Women in Ministry from Ben Witherington. Its the follow-on to the link last week, and very helpful for a full understanding of the issues at hand. Also, the Time piece on CS Lewis and the Grassroots Conspiracy links are very impactful.

Environment, Energy, & Politics:

Washington Post, by TJ O'Hara - Definitely not "endorsing" all that he says, but feel like this brings up some very important links between energy and environment with regards to policy, etc. I guess O'Hara is actually an independent Presidential Candidate, so please note I am definitely not endorsing that - just think its a interesting article:

Big Think by Frank Jacobs: Saw this link through the band Cake's facebook page. Its interesting in a couple of points - but it definitely shows how much we, as humans, have in fact changed the landscape of California as we've developed the West:

Theology & Spirituality:

Ben Witherington III - Women in Ministry in 7 minutes, part 2:

Richard Mouw - President of Fuller Seminary. He's always worth a read when he posts his words, so reasoned and thoughtful, this time on worldliness and holiness:

Time Magazine, rediscovered article on C.S. Lewis, including, "Lewis is a bitter academic opponent of Oxford’s “progressive element” of scientists and “practical” faculty members who would lay more stress on “useful” courses than on Oxford’s traditional concern with the humanities." (sounds like he wouldn't like a large part of the movement of several areas of education these days):

Luke Parker - Friend, Pastor, & student at Fuller Southwest. I like existentialism, and good thoughts on the matter integrating with Christian faith:

Grassroots Conspiracy- My friend Dave Wasson linked me to these thoughts. Wow:

Donald Miller - Go see Blue Like Jazz in theaters if you haven't! Two weeks in a row he's had a post that grabbed my attention. "I love the church as I knew it, and I love the church even more as I’ve discovered it in the last few years (that is global, not bound by denominational walls instituted by feuding scholars). That said, I do not think the church is an elite organization that is beyond criticism. In fact, any organization that is defensive against criticism is suspect.
Would you work for a company that didn’t allow for criticism? Would a father be a good dad if he disallowed criticism? Would you want to have surgery at a hospital that rejected all forms of criticism? Then why would you want to worship through an organization that is hostile to criticism?" (Exactly! I think that not allowing questioning or criticism is a sign of warning in any organization or belief set!):

Finally - do you like to Feast? Did you know that in the Catholic church there are several Saints assigned to EACH AND EVERY day of the year as a Feast day for them? I'm sure you know of St. Patrick's Day, etc. but check this out. Who wants to feast?

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