Weekend Wanderings 4.27.12

Compared with the last couple of weekends, this one includes Amanda! She doesn't have to work! With her nursing career, half the weekends are work days for her so the ones we do get have more meaning to enjoy them or get things done around the house. So while I'm sure we'll do a bit of work around the house, we've got to get out somewhere, but staying cheap, this weekend!

We are starting to prepare for a summer vacation trip, and a few hikes and other things, but also Amanda and I really do like to simply try things. There is a philosophy of experiencing the journey of life, by exploring, photographing, traveling, and enjoying the company, the ride, the food and wine! I recently shared a quote from the book Sex and the River Styx by Edward Hoagland (also mentioned before in this post) that I would like to share here as well as it sums up what I think we'll end up doing tomorrow:

"I found that the more you do, the more you're up to doing. Camping in the Rockies prepares you for Alaska, and Alaska for Africa. As you grow relaxed about the procedures of distant travel, you get resourceful about the details, locating a tuning fork within yourself that hears the same note in other people wherever you go." - E. Hoagland

Try something, find what resonates and brings you to life. Lose the worry of always thinking everything must accomplish something. We need to have a rhythm in life that while we still work to be a productive member of society (whatever that means) also allows us to have space to step back and recharge, to explore and expand ourselves outside of any type of pressure. We are not automatons, but human beings. Life is meant to be enjoyed, to be experienced!

So, what does that mean for this weekend? It means that tomorrow Amanda and I are thinking of going and exploring a bit. Amanda just got a recommendation to see the "sheep's gate bridge" which is in the middle of the high country over the Verde River north of Phoenix. It'll involve a lot of dirt road driving...but sounds fun! The Subaru is ready to get dirty (and so is the dog!)!

Also, after church at Emmaus Road on Sunday, we'll have time to hang out with people from church until heading over to one of Amanda's co-workers (Cathy's) house. They are debuting a recently re-landscaped yard by having a party for her co-workers from John C. Lincoln hospital. It should be fun, and enjoyable in this weather we are having in Arizona!

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