Weekend Wanderings 5.18.12

A weekend at home is in store for Amanda and I. Friday night involves hanging out for a birthday dinner celebration with a friend, and then Saturday shall be a day around the house. Amanda in particular simply needs some down time with her recent schedule! It will actually be really, really nice to just hang out together Saturday morning.
Amanda and Socrates hanging by the pool.
(Can you guess which one likes it?)

Saturday afternoon we'll continue to hang out, but our friends Steve and Christine Oldknow will be coming over with their dogs to relax by the pool (if 3 dogs can let us relax)! We'll grill and chill, and probably play some games if the sun gets to us. For all who aren't in Phoenix, we have gone triple digits. Yet it is amazing how comfortable 103 can be when you are in and out of the pool!

Sunday is church (Emmaus Road), and I want to stress how great it is to feel connected in a community that truly values one another for who they are. It is something that I cannot understate, and I hope and pray that everyone can find that place. There is something deep down that is true about genuine community that we need. Sure, it can be vulnerable at times, but the advantages of belonging and love outweigh the other things life throws our way. Its so much different than most "working" environments that are based on what value you bring to the company. Find people you trust. If it isn't a church, find some friends who you can completely let your guard down with. No agendas, no stipulations. Just accepting and loving for who you are and who they are. Find it. God shows up in these places! 

Yeah, that about sums up my weekend. I suppose the other thing I'll be doing is trying to get working on some more blog posts. I really enjoy doing this, but when I have busy weeks there are certain times when I just can't get it done. Right now I'm teaching a class at Emmaus Road on Thursday evenings, so I'm spending a bit more time preparing for that which is eating into my blogging time. No excuse, just a reason. Hopefully this weekend I'll get a few posts started at least topic-wise so that they can be posted regularly.

What class am I teaching, you ask? Its called Discovering the Most Interesting Wo/Man in the World . Its a reflective look at your life, with the significant events, patterns, giftings, skills, and themes that demonstrate how God has been using your life and it is not just a series of random chaos. Its going well so far, and let me know if you want to hear more of the details than this two-cents version.

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