Weekend Wanderings - 6.30.12

This will be a quick post. The reason for not as many blog posts this week was getting back in the saddle at work this week after vacation and also the big item for this upcoming weekend.

I am honored to be preaching at Emmaus Road Church tomorrow morning! Come join us at 10:30 at 23rd Ave & Dunlap in Phoenix. Just a hint, but we'll be looking at a very well known Psalm. Probably one you can quote at least a little bit: "The Lord is my shepherd ... "

Yup Psalm 23!

Anyway, the rest of this weekend was cleaning up around the house, preparing for the sermon, and then picking up Amanda from the airport here in a couple of hours! Its been a week since I saw her - its been a lonely week!

Also, I wanted to get some pictures uploaded from our vacation so I can use them in upcoming blog posts as well. Just consider this week a kind of preparatory one in which thoughts and prayers are with everyone battling the wildfires in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Montana, and everywhere else!

So until next week - I hope to see you tomorrow!

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