Weekend Wanderings - Congratulations!

Let me quasi-apologize for not posting more this week! Work was extremely busy, after coming back from the weekend in Indiana I haven't had time to catch up on everything else to give me time to blog.

Why has work been busy? Because of this weekend - its Fuller Theological Seminary Southwest's Commencement Ceremony! I'm doing a lot of the details for the graduation, and so I'm making sure that everything is coordinated and ready to go for it. Everything from programs, volunteers, communion supplies, email notifications, to getting caps and gowns to the graduates is happening. Lots of coordination and setting up.

Of course, its all worth it. Congrats to those who get to walk this year. It was one short year ago that I walked in this very ceremony. Such a big deal to finally finish a Master's degree. For many, these degrees are the culmination of years and years of study. They are not fly-by-night programs, many being larger than nearly any other Masters degree in any field! My Masters of Divinity, for instance, was 36 quarter classes, equalling 144 units of work. Full time study that takes 3 years!

So I sincerely say congratulations to: Amanda Bartels, Michael Delster, Nic Glyshaw, Kellie Greene, Sally King, Tad Klein, Adam Lavazza, Luke Parker, Susan Ramsay, Krisi Ruth, Christy Simons, and Jeff Thompson on a job well done! May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make his face shine upon you as you endeavor to do His work in this world.

As for the rest of my weekend, I'll probably want to just relax in the pool or watch a movie at home Saturday evening after everything else.

Actually, this weekend is one of celebration. Tonight, Friday, I am going to Chris Kambic's bachelor party. In just one short week is his and Tiffany's wedding - a big congratulations in store!

Then Sunday evening, after church, is the fourth anniversary of Emmaus Road Church. Its going to be celebrated in style! It will be good to hang out with people from church.

Outside of this, we are having to get ready for vacation next week as well. We need to get Sonora re-acquainted with Haven, James & Alyssa Choplin's German Shepard. They are going to spend a lot of time together over the summer. Next week Sonora goes and stays with them, and then in July we get Haven while they are out of town as well! The dogs will have plenty of fun - they have done well together before!

Perhaps the only other thing I'll try to do this weekend is get ahead on some blog posts, time permitting, so I can keep things posting regularly even during vacation (where I'll schedule posts - not write while on vacation).

So, in spirit of everything, I bid thee adieu. Congratulations!

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