The Setting of Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday

The sun sets, casting hues of coral, rose, and amber across the underbellies of the remaining clouds from the day's rain showers. Deepening shadows create depth and texture within their billows. Purples, blues, and grey begin to overwhelm the brightly colored spectacle, signaling the end to another day. Perhaps also a promise signaling a last Technicolor glimpse to contrast with the star-studded velvet skies of the night. The cycles of life slow down for many while the nocturnal come to life. Certain flowers close while other open. Birds huddle in their nests while bats leave their perches. Eyes adjust from cones to rods, and the slightest shift in our periphery becomes just a little more startling.

Nightfall is here once again. A daily ritual complete in both its splendor and gloom. The moods of mankind can always find a fitting end in the twilight. The glorious sunset is a fitting cap to an exhilarating or joyous day. Darkness settles in on those contemplating, mourning, or despairing. Worn out laborers find peace in the stillness which comes over creation as the cacophony of the day subsides. An entirely new scene springs forth for those who find the free time to spend with friends and family lead them out to engage in myriad social functions from dinner to nightclubs. 

Each evening is unique for each individual pending their frame of mind. Do the clouds grab their attention, or does the darkness comfort their weariness? Today, tomorrow, and yesterday each sunset is a new experience. Never shall it be that one sunset will replicate another. While days and weeks may seem to pass by rapidly, or at a snail’s-pace, due to the circumstances of career, family, society, and faith the sunset provides a moment of transcendence. 

Transcendence that can smile upon our hopes, comfort our grief, or embolden our anger. 

Transcendence that demonstrates that each day has enough trouble of its own.

Transcendence that gives hope, as it is a moment which confirms the uniqueness of each day.

Transcendence that places us in this cycle of life; a mere vapor or mist in the scheme of nature.

Transcendence pointing once again to the beauties of creation, which if really studied allows it to sink into us each day can let us reconnect once again with the Creator. Frustrations can be soothed, uncertainties in life encouraged, joys rejoiced, and loves embraced. No matter our frame of mind, mood, or fragility of body or soul in the sunset they find their place. 

Because everything has an end.

All things end, but they also signal the hope of new beginnings. The sun will rise again, and with it the opportunities to reconcile the struggles, ease the pains, celebrate the ecstasies, or gain strength to suffer through the physical and metaphysical tribulations of the day. 

Just as a seed must be buried to sprout and become its full potential, or perhaps as a forest must endure fire to regain long-term health, so is the daily transition from light to dark a similar provision of rest. Even in the midst of purpose-less work seemingly devoid of direction, the sunset provides the spark that tomorrow may be salvation's return. 

Never does it matter how many sunsets one experiences, because in the infinite arrays there signals an infinite hope that the future will improve. The most skeptical cynic may even take pause in at least an existential moment during the setting of the day, providing just enough strength to bring them out of desperation in the morning. And for those who know where their hope comes from, the warm ambiance of the waning light screams forth as worship from their very hearts. 

Because in the sunset life's transcendence is realized. Today is soon to be yesterday, while tomorrow springs forth with potential after the moment of rest. 

All creation is found in its dynamic glory just as its Creator intended.

It’s a good place to be.

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