Weekend Wandering 7.6.12


This is what this weekend is all about. No plans, no money, nothing big on the schedule. 

Just a weekend at home with the family. Probably some housework will get done, but also some relaxing. I think we get the movie The Grey in from Netflix today starting Liam Neeson, so that will be on the docket at some point. There is the summer Daytona race tomorrow evening. 

But there is the pool, the animals, some books, and some chores. That will probably constitute our weekend outside of going to church Sunday morning. 

Yes, part of this is due to recovery from vacation both financially and physically. Much more is a just needed rest.

It's good to have days at home, with no reason to set an alarm unless you just want to experience part of a Phoenix summer day before its too hot to get outside. But we need some days in which the two of us can sit, relax, and have some conversation with a glass of wine either in the pool or playing a game. 

If you are really in need of something deeper to read this weekend - I have two recommendations from blogs today: 

1) This article on Rachel Held Evans blog about Christian bookstores and publishing companies and 

2) Jared Byas' blog post on some thoughts regarding faith and the discovery of the Higgs Boson. (such a cool discovery even though I really don't completely understand particle physics yet)

I'm just looking forward to having quality time to spend with Amanda. Don't we all need to do this in our lives, just have those moments in a busy schedule, a stressful pace that just must stop for a day or so? 

I believe we do, and I am looking forward to sighing on the way home and relieving the tension of the week.


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