Weekend Wanderings - 7.20.12

I got nothing to do this weekend except dog sit.

So I'll probably try to take them on a long walk/run in the morning...maybe play ball with them, too.

Really, that is about all I got for this weekend.

I'll do some chores.

I'll listen to music. Recently, I've been listening to the following artists/albums.

1. Of Monsters and Men / My head is an Animal. Highly recommend checking this band from Iceland out. Good stuff...you've probably heard Little Talks on the radio at least.

2. Jack White / Blunderbuss. I like his style of rock and roll.

3. Linkin Park / Living Things. Particularly good album...several songs just get me.

4. Shinedown / Amaryllis. Quality rock from start to finish.

5. Civil Twilight / Holy Weather. Nice second album.

6. Regina Spektor / What We Saw From the Cheap Seats. She's different, but I like it!

I would love to go see The Dark Night Rises, but we're already scheduled to go next weekend! (So no spoilers please!)

I'll probably stay at home and watch some shows/movies. Not exactly sure which Netflix movies I'll have at home - I think 21 Jump Street is supposed to be in the mailbox today.

But more than movies, I'm engrossed in a good book called Tempest at Dawn right now. Its a fictionalized rendering of the Federal Convention proceedings...from the perspectives of James Madison and Roger Sherman. Its pretty interesting to see al the intrigue and politics and various interests playing out between those at the convention!

Yeah. That pretty much sums it up unless something comes up. I'm good if something comes up!

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