Weekend Wanderings - 5th Anniversary!

Amazed that sun has shone on our marriage for 5 years!
Today is Amanda and my Fifth Anniversary!

5 entire years!

They have been good years, with great moments! I feel so blessed to be married to such an amazing woman. She makes life so much better - adding spice, fun, and lots of love!

From when we met to where we are now so much has happened: moving to a new state, completing degrees, getting a dog, and starting new careers have led us through much transition and growth. Yeah, we also bought a house in there before the housing market really crashed in 2008. Yet this house has become a home, and Amanda is the reason why!

So to celebrate this weekend, we are spending a couple nights up in the Verde Valley at a Bed & Breakfast near Cottonwood, Arizona. This is one of our favorite places in Arizona - a location of several wineries. We'll enjoy a couple of nice evenings, dinners, and just a slow weekend spent together.

Tonight we'll head up and check into Desert Rose Bed & Breakfast, then go get dinner and relax at the Arizona Stronghold tasting room in downtown Cottonwood with some live music.

Perhaps Saturday we'll go on a hike near Sedona, or maybe the heat will force us higher to the elevation and pine forests of Flagstaff. Yet really, the goal is to have a slow weekend and simply enjoy each others company.

Saturday evening we'll do a nice dinner, although the exact place is still to be determined.

I'm looking forward to it, and to the blessing to be married to such a great friend and wife.

I couldn't ask for more, and I don't even want to imagine life without Amanda.

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