This Past Weekend's Wandering.

Posing in front of the Pacific at
Cabrillo National Monument with my parents
I just returned from a weekend in San Diego, to which I apologize for not posting a Weekend Wandering for last Friday...but unfortunately work, church, and preparing for the trip kept me from getting a blog post in. Anyway, Amanda and I went out to watch the Army at San Diego State football game on Saturday. Making the event much more fun, my parents flew from Indiana into San Diego to spend the weekend and game with us and then return to Phoenix for the next week or so. I love San Diego, and we found some great places to eat this time around: Lucha Libre Taco Shop and Point Loma Seafoods. It is also always such a good time to walk along the beach (this time at Torrey Pines) and just take in the weather and views.

We also attended the West Point Association of Graduates' tailgate prior to the football game. It was fun to hang out with other fans, but not knowing anyone by name it also was a reminder that I'm an introvert by nature. As the crowd grew, the more uncomfortable I got. I know it would have been different had our group of known people been a little bigger, like a couple of my classmates. Yet, it was still fun, hearing the Superintendent fire up the crowd, the spirit band and cheerleaders perform, and just see the enthusiasm which still surrounds West Point even on the other side of the country from its location.

Anyway, I wanted to at least give a short post/recap of the fun weekend even though we witnessed Army get destroyed by San Diego State 42-7. Still, Amanda and I love it there and the 5 hour drive really is pretty easy to get to from our place in Avondale.

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