Transition Time Once More

The posts on here have been a sporadic for a couple of reasons. My parents, Gary and Rhonda, were staying with us for 10 days. They were out from Indiana, and it kept us occupied. Also, my Mom gave me a couple of piano lessons, to get back into the flow. I used to play the piano up until seventh grade, and it is a hobby that I want to pick back up. My Christmas present this past year was a cheaper keyboard, and so I got some lessons on that.

A third reason is that football season has started and I run several leagues, both pick 'ems and fantasy leagues. Its a lot of fun, but takes a bit to run like I do! You can check out more here.

The final reason is that I have been doing some major discerning in my life, and have decided that although I have a job for Fuller Theological Seminary, which I love as a school, it is not my calling to be an admissions counselor. Honestly, I have had just about enough with sales to last me a lifetime. Something had to change, and we've been thinking heavily about this over the summer. A decision has been made, and I am in full job search mode now. My last day working for Fuller will be in October, and I truly feel that this particular time I have to get beyond merely temporary jobs.

Since I departed the Army, every job I have held, including a great internship, was a temporary one. Part of me had hoped that working for Fuller may have been that career, and in some aspects it has been. But I'm not gifted for the sales and marketing aspects of the job. I also feel that I need to engage more with people on the front-lines, with tasks that are more definite, interpersonal, but also meaningful. In essence, I love the educational aspects of Fuller, but looking for ways to integrate this education with daily life: praxis. So I'm looking at my options. Perhaps I'll be bivocational, perhaps I'll teach, perhaps I'll start something or we move. Anywhere is a possibility, and honestly I hope to find something pastoral, whether in a church, missions organization, or school. There are many aspects to this, but I definitely need to work towards an end. At this point, my options are limitless, even if many won't recognize me as a fit with their organization. I'm not sure why this is other than many people not knowing the true experience and capabilities I have from my time as an Army officer.

So, for now, I will sign off and post more later. I've got several exercises I am going to work on over the weekend which will help me hone in on what I like to do, what specifically my giftings may be, and hopefully narrow down how this unique skill set parlays into a career.

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