Books to Read in 2013

I know there are people who create lists and lists of the books they are going to read on vacation, or in a particular upcoming month or year. I have always found it difficult to know the book I want to read in June, and somewhere along the way I heard about reading reflexively, which is reading a book when you are grabbed by it, whether that be surfing through Amazon or a bookstore, or hearing an interview that piques your interest. I definitely try to implement this practice in my reading habits, while at the same time also trying to grow myself with different genres of books, levels of grammar and vocabulary, and topics.

For instance, I love Science Fiction and probably could read exclusively these types of books, but I feel that would not be the best for rounding out my life-long learning and growth in appreciating stories, narrative, grammar, and other aspects of quality writing found in other fiction and nonfiction works. Memoirs, history books, psychology, theology, philosophy, classic literature, modern novels, thrillers, mystery, and other forms are all books I attempt to rotate through.

However, I also do think it important to set aside some goals, or to approach certain books or authors that I have been wanting to read and engage with. Perhaps its a novel, or perhaps is a Christian scholar or pastor that I have heard good things about. So, there are definitely books out there that I plan to read. I simply try to balance books I plan to read, want to read, reflexively grab my attention, and know I'll enjoy reading.

I often ask for Amazon gift cards (like for Christmas) in large part because I enjoy looking through books and deciding what to purchase. I just did this last night, and these are all books I hope to complete reading this year. So I thought I would list them, along with other books I already have and would like to get to this year. If interested, I use Goodreads to track my reading and rate books, etc. Its also a good way to see what others think of books before reading them!

First, here are the books I am currently reading:

Wool Omnibus Edition (Wool 1-5) by Hugh Howey (Science Fiction) - it's a pretty interesting and good read. I'm almost through starts well and it is a good, building story working through some characters but as it goes I feel it is getting a bit weighted down. The first couple "books" are pretty impressive and relatively short. I definitely recommend this for Science Fiction fans...its not Space, but a future "society" on Earth. I don't want to give anything more away.

The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg (Christianity) - reading through this with Amanda and it is a good book. The title actually made me a little skeptical, but the book really is helpful and a good way to refocus on what matters in life and surrendering our lives to the transformational work of God and letting the Spirit form us the way we were intended to be.

What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles (Career & Job-hunting) - Yeah, I've been "reading" this one for over three months now, but that is because it is good. I get to an exercise, and then stop reading it and working on it. I think this book has been around decades, but updated editions come out almost every year. Its worth picking up!

The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean by David Abulafia (History) - Good book, definitely a history book so I read it in bits over the past year. I probably should dedicate some time to it again, as it looks at the societies and importance of the people of the Mediterranean throughout the thousands of years it has been an integral part of human history. For instance, you don't learn in depth details of the ancient Egyptians except for the portions of the port life, trade, and military use of the Mediterranean.

Books to Read in 2013 (To save space, follow the links to learn about them!)
This list is definitely up for revision, and is not exhaustive - it may even be too ambitious



[OK - the last two might be a bit of wishful thinking...depends on my mood and how these books read]

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