May is for My Neighbors

I have been silent, because I've felt the need to do so. I've been working through many things recently, and honestly the journey is in a direction which I'm still working on how to describe. To prevent too much confusion or controversy over how this leading works itself out in life I've remained silent. (And no, don't ask about it through the internet...although if you want to grab a coffee, lunch, or adult beverage for a discussion I'm up for that.)

However, this upcoming Month I will be blogging regularly again, most likely, as I work through The Art of Neighboring by Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon. A short mention and review of the book by Scot McKnight's blog intrigued me as a very natural extension of the Christian life that I could put into practice.

Amanda and I decided we were going to read through this book together, a practice we have found enjoyable in the past. Well, a family friend of mine from Indiana, Teresa, happened to be visiting us at about this time, and thought it would be neat to read and work through as well. So we decided to do a kind of online book club to work through the book. The premise is simple: what does it look like for us if Jesus literally meant for us to love our neighbors: our geographic, literal, neighbors. So we're on a journey to learn, love, and hopefully become better neighbors and Christ followers in the next month or so.

I keep mentioning "work through the book" because there is application as a part of this book, and that intrigues me. In fact, there is a sort of study guide for every 2 chapters. So starting May 1st, we will be reading, reflecting, and working through two chapters a week. I am looking forward to doing this along with people from different cities, neighborhoods, and even states! So far Indiana, Colorado, and Arizona are represented by individuals in small, medium, and big cities. This could be cool! If you want to join in the journey, just let me know, as we have a discussion group set up through facebook: Here is my profile, just let me know if you want to join! I'm even going to post tweets, reflections using #MayIsForMyNeighbors. Feel free to join in.

So, while I have been doing a lot of self-re
flection, discernment, and prayer...May is for those around me.

May is for my neighbors.

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