Only One Thing Is Compelling

In our day and age, of something way beyond the "information age" where we now have a plethora of information, disinformation, opinionated information, and partial information, any organization, cause, community or person attempting to affect change must be compelling. It has to stand out.

Such is why media outlets feel the people who scream the loudest for their ideology, often spouting half-truths and biased spins to fit the narrative that network is presenting about world events.

With advertisements, a dearth of religious and ethical possibilities, and sports we can choose what to a participant in, and what compels us.

Do I find buying a PC or a Mac compelling?

What about a Ford, Nissan, or Volkswagen? 

Conservation, sustainability, or job creation?

Companies have begun to market around the idea of compelling the individual into joining their movement, changing the world or doing good through consumption of their product. They attempt to compel. Does it?

How about a church or faith community? Does a statement of faith, personality, or worship style compel us to become a member?

Advocacy groups, social justice, scientific or business endeavor, and more reach us in images, words, and sounds.

What compels us?

I find myself more and more skeptical of rhetoric and litmus-test "stances." These do not compel.

Commercials often are far from compelling. In fact, there are many I would infer that in attempting to compel me only make me less likely to purchase that product.

Customer service might compel for awhile, but what happens when an issue arises and suddenly the gadget you felt was so great becomes an expensive paperweight, just overdue its warranty?

When we feel used, a number among many other numbers, a face without a name, are we still compelled to loyalty?

What happens when even patriotism and duty are faced with unjust motivations of a government concerned not with justice but with greed?

What compels? 

Words? Winning? Influence?

I believe there really is only one thing that can compel us toward wholeness, and it isn't found in the latest ad campaign.

Love. Love compels.

Love values and finds each person where they are, binding them together somehow to each other.

Love one another. 

When and where this happens, I am convinced people will be compelled to come together.

Only love can even bind all these other communities, causes, businesses, and beliefs together.

Love covers a multitude of transgressions. Love works through difficulty and difference.

Love is offered. It isn't taken.

Love cannot be forced.

Yet love compels.

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