when we

when rejected, we reject.
when struck, we strike back.
when accused, we defend to the death.
when wronged, we wrong.
when yelled at, we yell louder.
when ignored, we ignore.
when marginalized, we isolate.
when ridiculed, we justify.
when called out, we rationalize.
when starved, we steal.
when disrespected, we disrespect.
when attacked, we plot revenge.
when sinned against, we sin against.
when pushed down, we dominate.
when threatened, we fight or flight.
when confronted with change, we blame.
when pride takes a hit, we lie, compare, or demean.
when spoken against, we speak folly.

 when loved, we love.

 the latter always should be the response for all the former.
 if not, nothing matters.

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