My 25: 2014 Resolutions

'Invigorate' is my theme.

1. Bring life into interactions and circumstances.

2. Smile more.

3. Seek understanding. Move beyond dualistic thinking.

4. When out and about, be like a dog on a walk.

5. Listen. Connect. Encourage. Give.

6. Love my wife better. Mutually grow our marriage.

7. Don't imitate. Be transformed.

8. Appreciate the arts.

9. Get out more.

10. Be brought to both silence and song in nature.

11. Encourage.

12. Advocate justice and the greater good.

13. Do what's right, not what's economical.

14. Eat better. Live healthier.

15. Live simply.

16. Live contextually.

17. Get out more. Leave no trace

18. Let story move me, and appreciate others for how story moves them.

19. Hope, not express naive optimism. 

20. Be slow to be slighted. Forgive.

21. Unite in the midst of appreciating diversity. We aren't all going to agree.

22. Humbly expect growth in myself. Discern and encourage growth in others. (Growth cannot be forced or manipulated. God grows.)

23. Let God be God. Love Him.

24. Let others be themselves. Love them.

25. Be life-affirming and life-giving.

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