all consuming = all disgusting

cast off.


used to achieve the consumption you desired and then shoved away into the gutters. undesired and unwanted once broken.

readily consumed in the name of america. an unseemly glance under interstate overpasses reveals the undesired supposedly irresponsible laziness of others. efforts abound to remove such waste from the public sight. 


worse, given token credit to past actions without thought as to the cost of the wreckage caused. perhaps pitied. maybe scorned. definitely condescended. shoved into ghettos and run-down trailer parks. segregated by perceived usefulness and false classifications of value.

the machinations of consumerism inevitably result in such dilapidation. used up and discarded. means to an end. buttresses of naive self-esteem and self-interest. eagerly hurrahing the new batch while sheepishly looking away from the last years now-broken model. 

recycling and reintegration into the very system that caused the damage is the only effort. when solutions seem to be fleeting and discomfort persists it becomes unfathomable to think the problem has anything to do with the system and must be a faulty part.

loyalty demanded to brands, to patriotism, to getting with the program. to the machine of unending appetite. never satisfied. 

more. more. more.

never enough.

yet producing ever more waste, heartache, anxiety, and destruction. 

the madness must stop.

trash extends well beyond hamburger wrappers, plastic bags, broken tech, and spoiled vegetables. 

a society that creates and discards its own broken citizens is what we have become. young, old, veterans, poor, educated, victims, outsiders, doubters. cast aside in favor of the next new, shiny, viral fad.

can we not see our complicity? 

can we not rage against the machine? 

can we not stop producing and consuming?

can we not love?

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