Monday, December 29, 2014

Make your own Best of 2014 List:

Your Best of 2014:

Favorite Movies:

Best Books:

Top Album and/or Songs:

Most listened to ‘old’ Album and/or Songs:

Favorite TV Shows:

Best Meal:

Top new flavor experience:

Favorite new home-cooked recipe made:

Top Beverage:

Favorite travel/vacation moment:

Best new location visited:

Top family get-together:

Best event attended:

Favorite piece of art:

Memorable sporting event or news item:

Top game (board, video, card, or group):

Most memorable learning moment or class:

Conversation had:

Most fun had:

Most touching moment:

Experience most desired to be forgotten:

Best piece of wisdom:

Most rewarding experience:

Lasting image:

Favorite new clothing item:

Favorite gadget/toy/tool/appliance:

Best thing given up:

Memorable sunrise/sunset experience:

Top work-related moment:

Funniest/ most embarrassing moment:

Other memorable moments:

1 Word to sum up your year:

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  1. Favorite Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel
    (honorable mention Guardians of the Galaxy) (Documentary: Mile...Mile & A Half)
    Best Book: The Stranger by Albert Camus
    (honorable mention The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Man Who Saved The Union: Ulysses Grand in War and Peace by HW Brands, Thank You For Your Service by David Finkel, The Courage to Be by Paul Tillich.)
    (Best Book read actually published in 2014: The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell)
    Top Album and/or Song: Lazaretto by Jack White
    (honorable mention The Lion The Beast The Beat by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Trouble Will Find Me by The National, and Himalayan by Band of Skulls)
    Most listened to ‘old’ Album and/or Song: 10,000 Days by Tool
    Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead
    (honorable mention Sherlock (BBC), Drunk History (Comedy Central), and Alpha House (Amazon Prime)
    Best Meal: Steak dinner at Flemings
    Top new flavor experience: House Special Combination Pho at The Lucky Corner, Frederick MD.
    Favorite new home-cooked recipe made: BLT & Egg sandwich on Olive Oil Ciabatta bread.
    Top Beverage: Arizona Stronghold Vineyards Lozen 2010
    (honorable mention Devil's Backbone 1887 Stout - Devil's Backbone is my top new brewery experience)
    Favorite travel/vacation moment: Immersion in the fall foliage while driving the entire Blue Ridge Highway through VA & NC.
    Best new location visited: Lexington, VA
    Top family get-together: Evan & Jake Phipps wedding!
    Best event attended: Antietam National Battlefield anniversary battle tour.
    Favorite piece of art: Gettysburg National Military Park Cyclorama
    Memorable sporting event or news item: Indiana Pacers @ Washington Wizards game w/ James Choplin
    Top game (board, video, card, or group): Hill Climb Racing on phone
    Most memorable learning moment or class:
    Conversation had: Meeting Dr. Davis King at the Antietam battle tour and learning about the Old Stone Mill.
    Most fun had: Road Trip down Skyline drive & Blue Ridge highway with Sonora amidst the fall foliage
    Most touching moment: Realizing unconditional love in the midst of betrayal and loss.
    Experience most desired to be forgotten: Nothing. I realized genuine emotion & authenticity in experience loss and suffering this year...although not happy they were very real.
    Best piece of wisdom: "Every Story is Sacred"
    Most rewarding experience: Listening to people's stories around their pain and loss...also hiking and being outdoors.
    Lasting image: Sonora running & swimming along a beach at the George Washington Birthplace National Monument with the cool blues & yellows of evening light.
    Favorite new clothing item: The North Face rain jacket shell (glad to have now that I live & hike where there are rainy seasons!)
    Favorite gadget/toy/tool/appliance: Kindle Paperwhite
    Best thing given up: Any expectation of a 5-year "plan"
    Memorable sunrise/sunset experience: Sun setting over the Shenandoah Valley in and around Luray, VA.
    Top work-related moment: Not a good moment, but having to bring the team together and relay the news of the passing of one of our associates in an auto accident. RIP Tiffany Hinkle
    Funniest/ most embarrassing moment: Oddly, cannot think of one.
    Other memorable moments: Hiking in Shenandoah National Park and encountering a bear...only to be overrun with ticks for the next 2 months...Several moments of individual context in helping people through life's unexpected events.

    1 Word to sum up your year: Abide