Journal Reflection: From Systems to Love

Abstract truth and systemic philosophies and theologies are fun to discuss, perhaps, but they are not how to live life. Wisdom and discernment are more valuable. Understanding the origins, resulting worldview, and trajectory of what is good is all one can do. There is no ideal system that will make
for world peace. There is only love, and those who hope and live faithfully out of love will overcome the baseness and rhetorical deceptions of society and the nation-state. Neither Capitalism nor Socialism can solve our problems. Neither Capitalism nor Socialism will solve our problems. Capital is a tool, not the ends. Social order is a tool also easily modified to being an end instead of a means. Both are incomplete. Both are inadequate. Only love, and a humanity that chooses to seek the flourishing of all life will overcome. This is compassion. Such is why we hear and value so highly the idea of transformation. Transformation is from outside the self. It is outside our collective societal narcissism. Only when we recognize our own biases towards systems and thoughts and become aware of their limitations, can we move forward with humility and compassion. Only by being reoriented in love can we be transformed into the people and world that flourishes.

From a personal reflection dated June 7, 2017.

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